Steve Walch

"Adventures of Happy Weather"

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This is the story of The Adventures of Happy Weather. To hear the music that goes along with the story, visit the music page.


Happy Weather

Come with me, I’ll take you on a memory
There’s fun and games and tons of blame in Happy Weather
Happy Weather
It isn’t always sun, some happy tunes are sung
In Stormy Weather
 This is it, listen and you’ll learn a bit
Here’s the tale, the life and times of Happy Weather.

Happy is born into a new dimension.  It is a giant stone pit with impossibly steep walls, and a small oasis of lush jungle directly in the center.  He is drawn toward the oasis by a tribal beat.  He is terrified, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he enters the oasis only to find himself surrounded by endless jungle.  He follows the beat to find a tribal ceremony around a fire where the locals are dancing and chanting.  He is not sure weather to be alarmed or fascinated.  Suddenly, a storm materializes and a group of tribes people carry a woman over their heads towards the fire; she is screaming.  They carry her to the fire and set her down.  Just when Happy thinks she’s going to be sacrificed, the clouds give way to a rainbow and the woman gives birth.  One of the tribes people holds the baby up to the crowd and they sing.  He gives the baby to its mother and she smiles.

A GLass Half Full of Moloch


Happy joins the Moloch Tribe and sings their anthem:

Oooo, embrace your desire; oh let the madness take you higher; light my fire…
Moloch is my everything but everything has such a ring; feeling numb amounts to nothing over come by joyful singing!
While you stand there blankly mouth agape you’re haunted by the dreadful rape; of thoughts you could not keep at bay just open up the light and pray!
Your world is moloch so is mine so tell me tell me it’s all fine; cause demons don’t escape the mind so turn the key and let it shine!
Don’t you see me standing on my head I slowly drain out all my dread; the resonance it leaves is red and all pure thoughts are DEAD! YEAH!

He journeys through the jungles of Moloch, conquering beasts and saving damsels in distress, learning about the good and evil of the world.

Rat Race

Happy pursues desire.  After a little turbulence, he finds his own temporary Heaven.  It’s an ecstasy and bliss he could have never imagined, but it comes at a price.  The more he gets, the more he wants; and the more he wants, the more he needs.  He eventually unravels and falls into a dark, cold, and windy place

Smooth Death Overlode

Oo-oo for goodness sake; it’s 3 am and I am wide awake; it’s 3 am and I begin to shake; at 3 am I wonder why sometimes I try to loose my mind and other times it up and runs away; oo I wish things went my way.

Oo-oo I fall apart; I pick my pieces up and call them art; I pick them up and say they’re from the heart; I try and find the good parts but the sickness just keeps spreading and if I’m not careful it’ll get my soul; oo-oo I lose control.

Oh, I’m slowly going crazy; oh, my memory is hazy; I’m in the jungle and it’s so alive; the lovely creatures are all self contrived; the flowing river tempts and calls to me; and oo-oo I float upstream.

the mainland’s more ferocious than it seems; the jungle closes in and it’s a dream; sometimes I try to scream but when I open up my mouth it seems the only noise I make is just to say…oo-oo I fade away.


After a long winter the sun comes out.  Happy learns to smile and begins to find happiness from within himself.

Smile though your heart is breaking; smile even though it’s aching; when there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by if you smile, through your fear and sorrow; smile and maybe tomorrow; you’ll see the sun come shining through; for you.

Light up your face with gladness; hide every trace of sadness; although a tear may be ever so near; that’s the time you must keep on trying; smile what’s the use of crying? You’ll find that life is still worthwhile; if you’ll just smile.

Ballad of the Undead pirate ship

After learning the secret to happiness, Happy sets off to sea to pursue it.  After many adventures and a long period of self-reflection, Happy hears another voice coming from an island that drowns out his own; a voice so beautiful that Happy falls in love.  He sets his sails toward the angelic voice, but before he reaches it, he crashes on shallow rocks just beneath the surface.  His ship sinks and a storm engulfs him; Happy fights for his life but sinks to the bottom of the sea.  And that’s where he see’s her: an angel, meant for him.  Just before Happy slips into the next dimension, she reaches out and takes his hand.

Girl of the Wind

Happy and the angel soar into the sky, and Happy begins his adventures in a new dimension with his Girl of the Wind

Happy weather (reprise)

Feel the wind blowin’ on your hurried face; take some time and learn to rhyme with Mother Nature.

Let the rain wash away your worried state; learn to Smile and stay awhile for Happy Weather

Happy Weather; it isn’t always sun; some happy tunes are sung; in stormy weather.

Better days, make you think they’re yet to come; but every day you waste away is happy weather.